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11th v/s 12th Mathematics

The most feared and unpredictable subject, for all JEE aspirants, is MATHEMATICS. The main question comes to mind is that which one to focus on, class 11th or class 12th mathematics. To be honest, this question cannot be answered directly but certain patterns and matrices can be used to help you out. Normally, a student… Continue reading 11th v/s 12th Mathematics

Trigya : An Overview

Started with the vision to give the best results for the IIT JEE exams, Trigya commenced with the collaboration of 3 experts, qualified and determined individuals who share the same zeal for guiding and teaching and shaping a bright future for the students by imparting the light of knowledge and giving step by step support… Continue reading Trigya : An Overview

Breaking the Myths: JEE Mains

The internet is filled with tips and tricks, information, facts, but mostly myths about the prestigious JEE Mains exam. Sometimes, these myths or incomplete facts may confuse students and may cause complications, both in the preparation for JEE Mains and in attempting the question paper. Thus, clarity from the very start is imperative. Having these… Continue reading Breaking the Myths: JEE Mains

Choosing the right online coaching for IIT JEE

Student taking notes watching online video class with Math Teacher from Trigya Eduventure

Stepping into Class 11th welcomes you to the major decision making phase, as this is the first step to your career path. After one takes PCM, we are faced with the decision as to which IIT JEE coaching to go forward with. This decision can be a tedious process with the sheer options in the… Continue reading Choosing the right online coaching for IIT JEE

Advantages of starting IIT Preparation in IX or X

Studying At Trigya Eduventure

According to the new criterion, success on the class 12 board has become more important in gaining admission to the nation’s top engineering colleges, including IIT. What is the best time to start preparing now that getting into the best IIT College has gotten more difficult? With a load of assignments, coaching, and rushing for… Continue reading Advantages of starting IIT Preparation in IX or X

How to score high in JEE MAIN 2022


How to Get Good Score in IIT-JEE Main 2022   The  JEE MAIN 2022  final preparation phase has come and the exam is ‘around the corner’ in another 40-45 days,  Now, we don’t want to tell you to study as hard as possible, or either give some motivational Bollywood dialogues like “70 minute hai tumhare… Continue reading How to score high in JEE MAIN 2022

JEE Main 2022 Registration

WHO WE ARE? Here in this blog, we will discuss the Documents Required to fill the Application Form of JEE Main. TRIGYA is a powerful team of three well-qualified, experienced, as well as dedicated & devoted experts that are prurient about teaching. By serving as a guiding light to the students, the faculty team works… Continue reading JEE Main 2022 Registration

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