How to score high in JEE MAIN 2022

How to Get Good Score in IIT-JEE Main 2022


The  JEE MAIN 2022  final preparation phase has come and the exam is ‘around the corner’ in another 40-45 days, 

Now, we don’t want to tell you to study as hard as possible, or either give some motivational Bollywood dialogues like “70 minute hai tumhare pass” in the final preparation phase.
Here we’ll tell you the time tested techniques and smart TRIGYA EDUVENTURE ways by experts to score high in JEE MAIN.

1) Make a 40-45 days study chart & plan your study
Make a chart paper with dates in reverse order to the Exam date and write what study plan(Chapters/ Revision/Mock Test) you have on each day.
This will help you to have a proper study plan of 40-45 days and will reduce your anxiety and exam stress

2) Study Smart :
How you study will make a lot of difference to your marks in JEE MAIN 2022 ,
*Always study on a study table with proper lights on a comfortable chair.
*Try to avoid reading in bed as it leads to sleep.
*Make notes or highlight the key points on the books as it will help you to revise the chapters quickly later.
*Don’t keep TV or gaming consoles in your room as it will be a constant source of distraction.
* If any thought/ work is distracting you, write it down and direct your mind to think about it at the end of the day or in your free time.
(P.S – Just don’t write your g.f or crush name on paper and get caught)

3) Focus on your strength chapters but learn basics of left out chapters 

In a 300 marks paper only top 1.5 lacs people will make it to JEE Advanced .To ensure qualification ,always prepare and attempt your strength chapters of all 3 subjects (Physics, Chemistry, Math) in exam but learn basic concepts of all in case basic questions come from left out chapters.

4) Take Test and Improvise your Strategy 

Take tests of the previous 5 years and mock papers, this will help you get prepared before the exam. There are many strategies to take the exam but with each mock paper you take, you will be able to improvise your strategy and go ahead with the one you are most comfortable with.

5) Take care of your health –
Never neglect your health, a healthy mind always remains in a healthy body.

*Stay hydrated,
*take proper sleep,
*take sunlight
*eat right food

6) Learn to say No gracefully –
There might be many important people who are around you like your family, relatives or friends who will ask you to join for some occasion or chit chat and can hamper your preparation schedule. If it clashes with your study plan,tell them gracefully that it’s your study time and you have an important exam .Try to reschedule them in your break time because it’s sometimes tough to say no to a dear friend or relative member.

7) Believe in yourself and have confidence in your preparation :
There will be people around you, who might demotivate you that you won’t be able to crack the JEE MAINS , but you need to get away from the negativity and believe in yourself and always keep in mind if your preparations are up to mark and you have studied hard then nothing can stop you from achieving your IIT Dream.

All the best from Trigya Eduventure!

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