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JEE Main Mathematics Preparation Tips

The dreaded fear of every JEE aspirant is one word “Mathematics”. No this article is not to talk about the fear, but to address the main question of how to go about it with minimum contingencies. Let us understand, whether it is difficult or just a little tricky when it comes to solving questions in… Continue reading JEE Main Mathematics Preparation Tips

Division of PCM

From a theoretical standpoint, three of the pillars of JEE Mains and Advanced, namely Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics, have a comparable weightage, but in reality, how to attempt the papers to reap the greatest rewards is a different story. We at Trigyaa, consider Modern Physics to be the key family member of Physics family in… Continue reading Division of PCM

11th v/s 12th Mathematics

The most feared and unpredictable subject, for all JEE aspirants, is MATHEMATICS. The main question comes to mind is that which one to focus on, class 11th or class 12th mathematics. To be honest, this question cannot be answered directly but certain patterns and matrices can be used to help you out. Normally, a student… Continue reading 11th v/s 12th Mathematics

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