Faculty from IIT Roorkee and IIT-BHU

I am thrilled to share my heartfelt testimonial for Trigya Eduventure, a remarkable institiute that played a pivotal role in my journey to success. Having recently cracked JEE Advanced, I can confidently say that enrolling in Trigya was one of the best decisions I've ever made.

Rajat Sir, Our Maths Teacher, possess a unparallel knack for simplifying complex concepts. His Teaching style made Maths not only comprehensible but enjoyable too. His unwavering support and personalized attention were instrumental in my achievements.

Shailesh Sir, Our Chemistry Teacher, brought life to the subject through his engaging teaching methods. He instilled in us a deep curiosity for the intricacies of chemistry and ensured we understood the subject beyond the textbooks. His emphasis on practical applications and problem solving techniques proved invaluable in the exam.

Daljeet Sir, Our Physics Teacher, is as true master in his field. His ability to blend theoretical knowledge with real world examples made physics come alive in the classroom. His constant encouragement and insightful explanations empowered us to tackle even the most perplexing physics problems with confidence.

Today, As I Stand Victorious in the wake of Clearing JEE Advanced, I owe a substantial part of my success to 'TRIGYA EDUVENTURE'.. With their exceptional faculty, rigorous curriculum and genuine concern for their student’s success, Trigya is not just on educational institute but a gateway to excellence.


AIR- 242


Advanced 2023


An organization is as strong as it’s values and system.

Hard work is the mainstay of success and glory here at TRIGYA and in life as well.

TRIGYA as the name suggests stands on a strong team of 3 well-qualified, experienced and dedicated professionals who are passionate about teaching. The faculty team works together to provide the best and chisel the potential of students into success by serving as a guiding light.

There is no dearth of resources and assistance for students at TRIGYA. We will chalk out plans accordingly for students to bring out the best in them. All we demand from students is their relentless and dedicated efforts to nurture them into remarkable toppers.