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“Education is the first step for people to gain knowledge, critical thinking, empowerment, and skills they need to make this world a better place.”

We, at TRIGYA aim at providing best in-class coaching to the young IIT-JEE aspirants through interactive methodology and commitment. We believe that the hard work of these students require proper guidance and attention which we are here to provide. We follow a result oriented strategy and our utmost attention is towards guiding more and more of budding IITJEE aspirants by making education more meaningful and interactive for them


Our mission is to inculcate an undying curiosity in our students which we believe helps in nurturing successful lifelong learners. Together with the students, we create an environment where they develop an analytical bend of mind and instill conceptual clarity.


INTEGRITY & HONESTY : TRIGYA takes pride in what we do, and the only way to maintain that is to do the right
thing, all the time. Being ethical and honest is non-negotiable and indispensable for long term success.

KNOWLEDGE : We take pride in our knowledge and understanding of the current competitive environment. We make
continuous efforts to increase our own knowledge levels and strive to develop newer teaching methodologies and
learning tools to enhance the overall learning experience and retention.

RESULTS : Our success relies on our students’ success. We strive for our student’s success towards their measurable
goals. We believe that all our efforts and hard work would be measured on the single parameter of success of our
students in various competitive examinations.

PASSION : Passion for teaching and a deep desire to produce outstanding results is one of our key values. We take all
our endeavors very seriously and are very passionate about all our ideals and goals.


An organization is as strong as its values and system.

Hard work is the mainstay of success and glory here at TRIGYA and in life as well.

TRIGYA as the name suggests stands on a strong team of 3 well-qualified, experienced and dedicated professionals who are
passionate about teaching. The faculty team works together to provide the best and chisel the potential of students into
success by serving as a guiding light.

There is no dearth of resources and assistance for students at TRIGYA. We will chalk out plans accordingly for students to
bring out the best in them. All we demand from students is their relentless and dedicated efforts to nurture them into
remarkable toppers.

You should know your mentors well before becoming a part of the family. So here we throw light on each one of them:

Daljeet Singh
Daljeet Singh
Co-founder Trigya Eduventure | HOD Physics

Mr. Daljeet Singh has successfully accomplished 21 years in this profession starting from teaching physics at some reputed institutes of Hyderabad, Delhi, and Kota followed by the establishment of Elite Physics Classes where he has been preparing students for IIT-JEE since 2011.

TRIGYA marks a significant milestone in his professional journey, and he stands poised with unwavering enthusiasm and dedication. He is steadfast in his commitment to extending internship opportunities to an ever-expanding pool of students, equipping them with the skills and knowledge necessary for success in their future professional endeavors and personal lives.

Daljeet Singh
Shailesh Gupta
Co-founder Trigya Eduventure | HOD Chemistry

Mr. Shailesh Gupta believes that Education means the process by which character is formed, acumen is enhanced and independent thinking is developed which enables an Individual to stand on their own feet.

Shailesh has been teaching from past 13 years and has produced more than a dozen Ranks in top 100 in JEE Advanced & under his guidance more than thousand students have reached their dream colleges by cracking entrance examinations of IIT , NIT & many top notch engineering colleges.

Daljeet Singh
Rajat Garg
B.Tech. IIT-Roorkee
Co-founder Trigya Eduventure | HOD Mathematics

*Co-founder & Managing Director , Trigya Eduventure | HOD Mathematics | B.TECH, IIT-ROORKEE*

Mr. Rajat Garg is an IIT graduate from Roorkee . He has been teaching since 2009. He has previously taught in prestigious organisations of Delhi, Chandigarh & Hyderabad before co-founding Trigya Eduventure.

He has mentored top rankers in JEE Advanced, JEE Main, KVPY & RMO over the last decade. He believes in the saying that “Mathematics is the language with which God has written the Universe “ With this belief he strives to ensure that each and every student of his not only understands the fundamentals of the subject but also develop a keen reasoning and logical sense which are imperative for problem solving ability.

Daljeet Singh
Faculty Trigya Eduventure || Biology

Ms. Dimple Kapoor is a topper throughout & a very knowledgeable resource, she has secured a Gold-Medal in her M Sc. She has successfully mentored several students in her 9 years of teaching, many of whom were able to secure admissions in Top Medical Colleges of the country & are pursuing careers as Doctors, Scientists, Dental Surgeons & Veterinarians. Her teaching is a mix of strong fundamentals & comprehensive testing.

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