11th v/s 12th Mathematics

The most feared and unpredictable subject, for all JEE aspirants, is MATHEMATICS. The main question comes to mind is that which one to focus on, class 11th or class 12th mathematics. To be honest, this question cannot be answered directly but certain patterns and matrices can be used to help you out.

Normally, a student has a better hold of Class 12th mathematics because board exams are an overall gruelling phase where the student is required to practice a variety of problems many times, give sample papers, pre boards, and a thousand other ways carried out to make sure that the student can clear the 12th board exams. During that phase, the student focuses on a higher level of class 12th mathematics problems for JEE as well, so directly or indirectly the level of preparation for class 12th mathematics exceeds that of class 11th mathematics.

Class 11th is the light breeze between Class 10th and 12th as a result, class 11th preparation from JEE pre-view is hard, but takes a back seat when the student enters class 12th. However, the harsh reality is that IIT portals do not differentiate between class 11 and 12 mathematics and assign both classes equal and proportional weightage.

If inverse trigonometry is the show-stopper in JEE mains, trigonometric functions steal the show in JEE advanced. You continue working with derivatives and are in a solution frenzy when you come across permutations and combinations. Calculus is the most notorious, since you may be extremely proficient with the content in class 12th, but class 11th will come back to haunt you. Probability, vectors, 3D, and so much more make it a difficult road to travel, thus the issue is, what should you do?

Before starting class 12, attempt to finish the complete class 11th course, as focusing on the class 11th course, whether for physics, chemistry, or mathematics, will be difficult. Make sure that you revise every class 12th concept and practice questions on your own, whilst the topic is being covered in school, personal tuition, or your coaching for JEE. After the board exams, there will be a good 15-20 days or more before the D day, so try to freshen up and focus on class 11th mathematics. The focus these days should be 70:30.

In other words, you should commit the majority of your time (70%) to conceptual clarity of class 11th topics and remaining 30% to maintain your progress in class 12th. This will keep your brain in a good holding pattern and ensure that no stone is left unturned before the D Day to ensure you a seat at IITs.

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