Top 10 strategies to improve JEE Main scores [April 2023 session]

Strategies to improve JEE Main scores
JEE MAIN 2023 April Session


As the JEE MAIN – 2023 [APRIL SESSION] approaches; let’s go through the top 10 strategies to improve JEE Main scores!

  1. As you must have already prepared short notes of each topic, revise them thoroughly.
  2. Solve as many numericals as you can, start from simpler ones and advance towards more intimidating ones.
  3. Problems based on applications of a particular concept are the essence of the JEE MAIN exam, ensure that you focus on them.
  4. Do not skip any theory-based chapters, as you can grab some easy marks there.
  5. Focus on all the significant chapters in Physics with emphasis on Mechanics, Heat & Thermodynamics, and Wave Optics.
  6. Thoroughly practice the named reactions in organic chemistry.
  7. Coordinate Geometry, Calculus, and Algebra are to be revised in depth, remember all the important formulae in Trigonometry & Co-ordinate Geometry and Definite Integrals in Calculus.
  8. Manage your time judiciously.
  9. Take a good 7-8 sleep every night and short breaks to avoid burn-outs.
  10. BE POSITIVE ALWAYS. Stay motivated and confident in your preparation

Trigya wishes each one of you ALL THE BEST!

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