How to prepare for JEE in the final 45 days?

As we know that JEE Main April Attempt is just around the corner, here are some important tips and strategies that will help you in your ultimate preparations.

1. Make effective short notes of each chapter.
2. Prepare a Timetable so that you can dedicatedly devote time to self-study
3. 9 hrs of rigorous self-study is highly recommended every day.
4. Learn to balance the time between difficult chapters and simple chapters. 5hrs approximately should be devoted to each chapter.
5. Revise the Revision- It is very important that you revise from the concise notes that you have prepared
6. Don’t ignore any chapter as any basic question can be asked from the same and you might lose some easy marks there.
7. Attempt 12-15 full-length mock tests; 7-8 tests can be attempted to discover the strategy to follow during the final attempt of the exam (choose the subject you are comfortable to attempt first)
8. It is advised that during the main exam, you first analyze the full paper and then start attempting according to the difficulty level.

Finally, Take good sleep of Minimum 7 hrs. These 45 days will prove very crucial in your career so AVOID all sorts of distractions and prepare well.

Trigya Eduventure wishes each one of you ALL THE BEST and we hope that may you emerge victorious.

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