JEE Mains: The Hard Way or the Smart Way

There used to be a time, if someone asked how to clear JEE Mains, you would always see seniors or teachers saying study 18 hours a day, lock yourself up in a room, forget socializing, this is a highway, and much more to speak of. Well, that was the case where most of the information was the word of mouth and IIT seemed like a far-fetched dream to think of. But does all that holds true in 2022?

Gone are the days when only rampant hours of studying, and excess of cramming made sense. Today to get started with your preparation for JEE Mains, it is important to follow a planned and smart approach. Rather than just going all the way with 500 questions in a day, as used to be the case earlier, plan it out. We at Trigyaa always encourage our students to follow a detailed time table which ensures maximum and holistic coverage of JEE Mains and Advanced syllabus and constant evaluation.

In today’s time, a smart division of Physics, Chemistry and Maths is important. The hard way would be to start with a maximum course in the initial days and then the student being fatigued closer to the D Day. But the smart approach for JEE Mains would be to start with Physics on one day, Maths on the next, and Chemistry on the 3rd day. It will involve taking baby steps, checking how much you can retain, how good is your conceptual understanding and how consistent can you be with covering portions.

Covering a huge chunk on one day and slacking off for the entire week is the enemy of your preparation for JEE Mains. While the smarter person would start slow and pick up one topic from physics, say rotational motion, and cover 4 topics in a day and try to solve easy level questions along the way and then go for trigonometric functions on the next day and equilibrium on the following day. What this will do is, it will ensure slow and steady preparation, and the breakup of different subjects, will have a multi-fold advantage.

It will ensure that the mind does not get fatigued with a variety of topics and subjects, and at the same time stimulate the brain to process information at a steady rate, and in less time. We have to make the mind stronger so that it attains the desired pace that is absolutely necessary for you to stay at par in class and at your coaching for JEE Mains. Every other day should be something different and stimulating for your mind to process more, but at the same time, the mind should not feel pressurised in any way in the initial days as this will set the ultimate momentum for the D Day.

Keep in mind it is not a battle that can be won by following the hard route in less time, but a war that needs a smart, sustainable and holistic approach.

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